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5 of the london chess classic, the last round before a rest day tomorrow, provided only one decisive result in a comprehensive demolition of veselin topalov, the bulgarian ex-fide world champion.

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from round 1 of the london chess classic 2016, the final leg of the grand chess tour.

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6 of the london chess classic was perhaps the most dramatic day of the tournament so far.

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dramatic day from the london chess classic today, with incredibly unfortunate losses from topalov and adams – both from blunders again – and make it really difficult for them to have any reasonable chance of them being serious contenders in this tournament.

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charrog will glow with heat causing burn damage to all nearby units.

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so wins the london chess classic 2016; other highlights and action from round 8.

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armored ground infantry with the ability to burrow and burn.

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the netherlands is freezing over with children all over the land being able to skate on the thousands of canals and rivers, the competitive flame in wijk aan zee has never burned brighter.

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3 of the london chess classic, and the birthday curse – previously affecting nakamura in a blunder-ridden opening which cost him his game against so – continued, with nakamura transferring the curse on to viswanathan anand (who was celebrating his 47th birthday), giving nakamura his first win of the tournament.

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8 of the london chess classic ended yesterday giving us a clear winner of 2016’s grand chess tour with one round left in hand.

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this unit can kite and its projectile causes burn damage.

* burn damage will reset until radiant heat is no longer in direct contact, so you can maximize damage output by running around attacking multiple units back and forth to effectively reset the burn damage timer.

his spot as the winner of the london chess classic – for a further ,000 on top of his 0,000 winnings – will be contested today.
most powerful known explosion that will cause mass knock back and burn damage.

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